Census data is essential to a business's bottom line.  A complete count could lead to more jobs and new businesses in a community. Businesses use population statistics to help decide where to add jobs or open new stores, offices or other businesses in communities across the country. If your company buys, or perhaps even does its own market research, chances are that the basis of that research is census data.


Census data tells us how many people live in each area. It describes their living arrangements, ages, income, educational attainment, commuting patterns and occupations. It even describes the kinds of homes people have as well as the availability of phones and vehicles.


Achieving an accurate population count is imperative, and business can play a key role in the process.  Your San Antonio Chamber of Commerce challenges YOU to promote an accurate count by finding creative ways to educate employees, customers and members of the public about the importance of Census participation. Join other San Antonio businesses who have accepted the challenge and commit to a complete count.