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While getting an accurate count of the current population is important, the Census is much more than the information collected – it means dollars and cents for our community. The census helps determine how billions of federal dollars are allocated annually for critical public services. The census drives decisions that affect business growth, social services, infrastructure, and education.  If we do not get an accurate count, our community is in jeopardy of losing millions in federal funding.

Your San Antonio Chamber of Commerce understands the importance of a complete count and is on a mission to inform and engage San Antonio residents on why the census is important. Your Chamber has joined the national network, Business for the 2020 Census, and partnered with the city of San Antonio and Bexar County to lead a Complete Count Committee. In these roles, we’re urging businesses, churches and civic organizations to use their communications and membership networks to encourage people to complete their questionnaires. This website will help equip you with all the resources you need to ensure you and your teams are prepared to complete the census in 2020.


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